Wednesday, July 6, 2016

The educational projects led by Shimon Sheves


One of the things that was taken very seriously in the Rabin government is education.
Rabin himself filed the first entrance exam, and tested again because he knew how it was important to study there.

Ammon Rubinstein, who was the education minister in the Rabin's government, says that probably because Rabin denied the possibility to go to university because of enlistment, education was a priority in his mind the existence of Israel militarily.
Shimon Sheves was Rabin's chief during his tenure and was charged with the execution of many projects in the social sphere.

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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Few Words About Shimon Sheves

Shimon Sheves these days is acknowledged as a great leader in the international business world and as a financial specialist.  His active participation in the Yitzhak Rabin Center and devoting his valuable time to disabled Israeli children also awards him the title of a great humanitarian.  Working as a political consultant, his lectures on Politics, Governmental policies and the Israel-Palestinian situation place him high as a respected speaker in Europe, the USA and Israel.

When lecturing to European Jewish communities and Israeli students, he is also widely known for raising the Israel-Palestinian conflict and focusing on social justice matters.  He gives great encouragement to democratic debates and has a deep involvement in Israeli voluntary organizations and helping the needy. 

Shimon Sheves splits his busy schedule between his beloved Israel, his residence in London, England and his company’s headquarters, RSLB in Washington DC.  

RSLB Partners Inc. was formed by Sheves, the late Prime Minister’s son Yuval Rabin, Former Chief of Staff Amnon Shahak and Israeli businessman Gil Berger.  

The combination of the four founders’ know-how and expertise presents their clients with exceptional marketing skills and opportunities. Their remarkable connections with key people in defense and hi-tech industries and telecommunications also make them rather unique.

Shimon Sheves contributed greatly to the economic development of the Golan region, in the north of Israel during his role as coordinator on Kibbutz Afik, a chairman of the Golan Settlements Committee and the Deputy Chairman of Golan Heights Regional Council.  He progressed to Chairman of the Golan Economic Development Company and his position was one of great influence and his opening into politics.  

Between 1984-1990, Sheves was Rabin’s personal and political aide during Rabin’s Minister of Defense term for a period of six years. and at that time, Sheves was responsible for matters of national priority i.e. the settlements and national infrastructure.  

Shimon Sheves was appointed Rabin’s personal aid and campaign manager for the Labor Party in 1992 and assisted by Sheves’s strategic comprehension and political shrewdness; Labor, headed by Rabin, won a clear majority for the first time in two and a half decades, where many say that strong credit was definitely due to Shimon Sheves.
From Rabin’s election until he was assassinated in 1995, Shimon Sheves served as Chief of Staff and General Director of the Prime Minister’s Office
Deeply moved by the murderous hand that ended the life’s work of his dear friend, Sheves gave the Eulogy at Yitzhak Rabin’s funeral on 4th November 1995, honored by being by Rabin’s side in the difficult and great moments for 13 years and famously quoting Rabin as an exemplary warrior, a statesman and a leader from the shoulders up.  

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